6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love, #5 Will Blow Your Mind

Woman is the most amazing gift a man can have. She cares about you, she loves and she also annoys you the most. There are many habits a woman has that are really annoying for man. Habits like keep calling him, act like child while doing something, talking selfies, watching them and then delete them and do again the same, spending too much time in shopping etc are some of the most annoying thing about woman according to a man. But there are some habits of female that men love very much.

Today we are sharing female habits or you can say female behaviors that men found absolutely loving. Have a look.

1. Buries Her Head In His Chest

Men love when a woman puts her head on their chest. Then they feel like real men who give their loved one a sense of security.

2. He Plays With His Hair When He Drives A Car

It’s not just about the physical pleasure resulting from stroking his head. Men receive the caress as an expression of love, affection and need for contact from the partner.

3. She Praises Him On Facebook

It’s obvious – men love it when the public appreciates them.

4. Listens To Him Attentively

This Make him feel love.

5. Send Him A SMS / Calls Him Being At A Meeting With Friends

The guy incredibly happy when you give him to understand that you think of him even being busy with something else.

6. It Turns Out His Affection In Public

When you catch it first hand when you hold him in the checkout line when you correct his hair – all these gestures make his heart beat faster.